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5 of the best yoga pants: Health benefits and risks

Wearing yoga suit while exercising may make a workout more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable. It may also prevent overheating. That said, it also carries some health risks.

This article discusses the health benefits and risks of wearing yoga pants, what to look for, some of the best options available to buy online, and alternative gym clothing to consider.

Yoga pants describe a variety of different styles of pants, from formfitting leggings to looser trousers. However, nearly all yoga pants have some stretch to them due to the materials that they contain.

Many yoga pants contain materials that wick moisture from the body and promote airflow. The moisture-wicking technology prevents overheating by keeping body temperature stable during exercise, while ventilating fabrics increase airflow.

A 2014 studyTrusted Source found that synthetic polyester was more beneficial than a 100% cotton T-shirt in terms of both breathability and moisture-wicking.

This may suggest that yoga suit-summer made of synthetic material, such as polyester and elastane, may prevent overheating and promote airflow. This in turn may make workouts more comfortable, especially in warm or hot environments.

Health risks of wearing yoga pants

The stretchy material in yoga pants should not feel too tight or limit movement, as restrictive clothes can contribute toward musculoskeletal disorders.

For example, a 2016 studyTrusted Source found that males wearing tight pants are at a greater risk of musculoskeletal disorders, because they cause abnormal movement and posture in the lumbar spine and pelvis.

While this study focused on males and restrictive clothing, especially around the waist, it suggests that wearing flexible and comfortable clothing may decrease the risk of abnormal movement and posture.

Wearing tight or formfitting yoga pants may also lead to other conditions:

Yeast infection

Some people may develop a vaginal yeast infection. Certain clothes, such asTrusted Source those that are too tight or use synthetic materials, are factors in people developing this infection.

Tight clothes and sweating allow the yeast that naturally occurs in the vagina to thrive, which leads to inflammation.

Learn more about yeast infections here.

Tinea cruris

Another condition that people may develop while wearing yoga suit-autumn is tinea cruris, or jock itch. Excessive sweating, restrictive clothing, and not showering properly after exercise are risk factorsTrusted Source for developing this condition.

People wearing tight yoga pants that do not have moisture-wicking or breathable fabrics may be at risk of jock itch.

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