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Master Packing Co.,Ltd Bottle Machine does not require highly trained operators to produce consistent quality bottles. The bottle making process starts by loading preforms into the preheater. The preheater uses a variable speed track that moves the preforms through a heating tunnel. The heat tunnel has specially designed heating elements for a consistent heating operation with minimal maintenance.

When the preforms have made one trip through the preheater, they are manually loaded two at a time into the blow molder. Operator presses the two mould close buttons to close the mould which is specially designed for safety operation. After the bottles are formed in the blowing cycle, they are removed and the cycle continues.

Key Features

 Can operate easily without any special training and safety operation

 Original FESTO air cylinder

 Minimize your initial investment by starting small

 Add additional systems economically as your business grows

 Bottles of different sizes can be produced simultaneously to meet your exact requirements

 Change over from one size to another can be completed simply and quickly

 The tooling costs (molds) are low since the design of the system is simple

 Systems can be dedicated to produce particular bottle sizes

 A short operator-training period due to the simplicity of the design

 Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and highly-trained personnel are not required

 Simple operation does not require highly trained operators

Master Packing Co.,Ltd offers both semi automatic PET bottle blowing machine and fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine producing high quality PET plastic bottles in various shapes, sizes, and colors for water, juice, carbonated drink, vegetable oil, alcohol, liquid detergent, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, personal care items. Click https://www.master-machinery.com/product/bottle-machine/ to know more information.

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